Sewing Sunday- Fabric Weaving

Hello everyone! This might be posted on Monday because I am writing this really late. Also, this can be hand sewn but I used my machine because I had to do this really quick. Anyways here is the post (you can use your machine too if you want.)

First, cut 8 pieces of fabric strips that are 5 tall and 1 wide. 

I labeled the pieces for you to make it easier. (Can you read that? Sorry if you can't, just tell me in the comments)

Take fabric strip 1A and fabric strip 2A and lay 2A on top of 1A like in the picture. 
Pin down. 

Now take 1B and put it on top of 2A, like in the picture. Pin down. 

Next, take 2A and put it on 1C, like so. Pin down. 

Now, take 1D and put it on top of 2A. You can't see mine but I think you get the idea. Pin down. Basically you have just done an over, under, over, under sorta thing. Exactly like weaving! Also, there will be a extra piece at the end, don't cut that off yet. 

TIP- Make sure all the 1 pieces (1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D are close enough together. Thre should not be a gap between the pieces.

Now take your 2B piece. Take 1A and put it over 2B. Make sure it looks like mine in the picture. Pin down.

Next, put 2B over 1B and pin down. 

 Whoops, here I messed up. Take 1C and put it over 2B. I did 2B over 1C. 
Do not look at the picture for this step. 

Again, messed up here. Put 2B over 1D and pin down. You have just done under, over, under, over. 

Do the same thing that you did in row one to here. Go over, under, over, under with strip 2C. (Sorry about the messup in row 2. Ask me in the comments if you need any help.) Row three should look like this when you are done.

For row four, do the same thing you did in row 2. Under, over, under, over with strip 2D. 

Now flip over and make sure all the pieces are in line and pinned. 

Afterwards, cut off all the little excess strips. Also, cut to the size you want it to be.

Time to sew! As you can see, I've sewn on the very edge of the square/rectangle.This is to secure.

Now I'm sewing on the next part. I've created a diagram to show where to sew on the fabric. 

The places where you sew are the yellow lines. In all, you should have 6 lines of stiches. 

This is about what it should look like when done. If you want, you can add a backing by measuring how big your woven fabric is and then cutting out a piece of fabric that size. Then you sew the two fabrics together by the wrong sides. 

Here is another completed one. 

Share with me some of your completed projects! Maybe if I get enough I can do a special post next week! Send in the pictures at

Thanks for reading,

Send me those pictures! It can be from any project, but has to be sewing!!


  1. Very cute! I 've never seen that done before :) I added you at Blogs by kids on the sidebars! Thanks Noor!

  2. I just linked over to you! I like your sewing. I like sewing too!

  3. Hi! I love this project! I made two for all my friends and they loved them! I love the patterns you chose, by the way. I am so glad that I found this blog. Bye!

  4. Ani (the busy, busy girl)May 24, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    Oooo! That looks so cool! I'll have to try that. I could make some for my mom. I think she would love them. :) Thanks for the tutorial!


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