Should The Goverment Put Warning Labels On Soda?

Hello everyone! It's another opinion post. This time I'm stating my opinion on whether the government should put warning labels on soda. 

Some government officials from the state of California have proposed a law to start putting warning labels on soda telling people that it is bad for you. Here is my opinion on this law. 

No, I do not think we should put warning labels on soda. People already know that soda is bad for you, so it would be there for nothing. Soda isn't the only unhealthy thing. If you were to put these labels on soda then you would have to put them on other things like candy and chips. Also, if the government wanted to solve the promblems on obesity then they should lower the prices on healthy drinks. Doctors and dentists encourage people to drink water but if the water costs $2.00 and the soda costs $1.00, more people are going to buy soda. Warning labels on soda is not such a good idea.

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