Hello everyone! Today is Earth Day! I'm so excited because yesterday I posted up in the announcements section about the Earth Day challenge. Today I am super excited to share with you! Ready? Let's go!

Celebrate Earth Day With Me!

Hello readers! As you may know, Earth Day is coming up! (Tuesday April 22) I wanted to celebrate in a way that my readers can do something! So, I'm giving you an Earth Day challenge!!

1- Check out my post on ways to be environmentally friendly.  Choose one way or more and do it!

2- Grab the button saying "I Helped The Earth!" Put it on your blog and tell your readers! Note- If you do not have a blog then show the button off some other way! Tweet, instagram, Facebook post, anyway you can and send me the link of it. Make sure you tell what you did in your status/post!    (Find the button in "Contact Me") The button will be posted today. 

3- Comment on my latest post saying you did it and send me the link!

If you have any questions, email me!!


You have until next, next Tuesday to complete this challenge! Let's see how many people can go help the Earth!

Thanks for reading and take the challenge!


  1. You know that not all people who read blogs have blogs of their own, right?

    1. I just edited the post! If you still need help re-comment telling me!

  2. Earth day is a big day which we can celebrate happily. Many people are connected with others through internet so they can celebrate special days online also. People can ask questions with other and can make plan how to celebrate earth day.

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