Meet My American Girl Doll

That's right, American Girl doll. I have one and I'm proud of her (not that any of you would be laughing at me because you all are so nice! Right?) I thought since there's not going to be a Sewing Sunday (WHAT? I'll get to that in a sec.) might as well give you a "confession" post. 

Now to the thing about Sewing Sunday. My sewing machine is down. Again! I left my hand sewing needle at my friend's house so no sewing. Grr. Here is this post making up for it. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. I didn't have ANYTHING to post about. Here we go....

Here is my doll- Alisha. (This is like the worst picture EVER! I'm sorry) She is a Just Like Me Doll 
#IDon'tKnow. I've had her for 2 years (that's why her hair is all crazy) Quick Fact- Alisha has a blue Sharpie mark under her right eye but you can't see it because her side bangs are covering it. 

What do I post about Alisha? I guess her story???

I got Alisha when I was in 3rd grade. I had wanted an American Girl doll for like FOREVER! Sometimes I used to go on the AG site and build my own doll. One day, I was on the AG site building my own Just Like Me Doll and browsing through the clothes. (I had one piece of clothign in my cart) My mom told me to go clean my room so I left and did that. The only thing was I didn't turn off my computer....... (moment of suspense).......

When I came back to browse more, I saw my tab had been closed. Little did I know my sneaky mom had went to the checkout, bought me the doll and the clothes, and closed the tab all without me knowing. (She still does this!) 

A couple of weeks later, my mom picked me up early from school to go to NYC (if you are wondering where my dad was, he was in Florida seeing my uncle) and when I got home I saw a package, opened. I took a peek inside and I saw an American Girl Doll face looking at me. I jumped and I screamed and hugged my mom. I had an American Girl doll, and clothes for her. I quickly changed my doll into her new clothes and got in the taxi to go to the bus station holding Alisha in my arms (her name wasn't Alisha yet.) We had such a fun time in NYC. I got 1 new set of clothes for my doll and the school backpack set from my mom's friend. 

This one is a much shorter story. On March 2, I went to see the Lorax with my friend and her friend. My friend's friend was named Alisha. (My doll's name at the time changed daily) I thought Alisha was the most prettiest name in the world. When I came back home, I declared: My doll's name is going to be Alisha! 

Well, that was a long post. Tomorrow's post will be much better, I promise! Stay tuned

Thanks for reading.


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