Blogtember Day 25 - OOTD : Hunter's Lace

hunter's lace it falls into the seams of the coverings
in and out in and out

guiding the hunter and his thread
in and out in and out 

the relief of breath as it follows, as it chases
in and out in and out

it's evident that it's the savior of the woods, the hunter's guide
in and out in and out

where would be life be without the lace the perfect fall of the lace, the hunter's own
in and out in and out

what does the hunter's lace get, besides the praise, 
the hunter's lace is forgotten, waiting to be fall again.

in and out in and out

- - - - - -

Hello everyone! Told you there'd be more of my face ;)

Today's prompt of Blogtember is to do an OOTD!! I had fun with this one, although it was rather cold when I went out :P

Hope you enjoyed, so glad it's finally fall <3

Thanks for reading,


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