Blogtember Day 22 - 5 Things That Inspire You

five things that inspire me

one : the world and its entirety. the good, beautiful, innocent, lovely people in it. the kind souls that spread their kindness, their hearts golden, glowing through their skin, giving light to anyone they cross. the gorgeous, vast, unique, breathtaking landscapes that cover the earth. the mountains that go so high, the clouds gathering around them to take in the beauty. the valleys that cover the lowlands, the tall grass that blows in the wind, catching the magical rays of the sun. 

two : the emotions we feel that keep us sane. the happiness, euphoric feelings of joy. the gorgeous smiles that explodes across your face, the elated feeling of doing things that you love. feeling content with the current situation. the sadness, the emptying feeling of sorrow. but also the emotion that lets you fix everything, the low that will build your high, the next chapter. 

three : a book in all its glory. the magic filled pages that feel smooth in the touch of your fingertips. the feelings of reading, taking in a story, reliving someone else's tale. having the ups and downs as you follow the book. the escape into a world that can be entirely different from your own, or so similar, that you forget that you're reading. 

four : a pencil. the simplest of things, a small tool. but a small tool that can create the world. a book so inspirational that it inspires the world. a document, a law so important that it impacts the world. a drawing so gorgeous that it makes the world stare in awe. there are endless possibilities, a pencil can be your weapon, but your weapon for something good, if you use it right. 

five : myself. the marvelous things that i do every day. the way i jump over the hurdles of life, and move on. all the things that i manage, wondering how i do it each and every day. the way how i manage to stay optimistic, even when it feels like the end of the world. the way how i never, ever give up, and am the most determined person i know. 

let the things around you inspire you, even if it might be the simplest thing, it holds a lot of power. 

- - - - 

september 22nd prompt for blogtember: 5 things that inspire you. hope you guys enjoyed, this was fun to write <3

Thanks for reading,


  1. Dude, books and pencils are mah thing. <3 Also, I replied to your email, like a week or two ago, may want to check that out.

    xoxo Morning


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