Blogtember Day 24 - Isabel Culpeper Cosplay + FACE REVEAL

Hello everyone! Today's prompt for Blogtember is to cosplay as a character, which is literally one of my favorite prompts! My favorite character currently is Isabel Culpeper, and I think I assembled the perfect outfit for her, she's literally my favorite person right now. why not. also why are isabel/isabelles so awesome?? isabelle lightwood is also the coolest person alive?? anyWAY

“She'd been here long enough that all of her feelings had been replaced with high-end linoleum.”

she glows. 

"Life's pain, you have to get over it as much as you can."

she would probably hit you with a brick if she had to

girl deserted

lowkey face reveal

thanks friend for learning how to focus but this is actually cute

kind of out of character

hair looks nice

s m i l e y isabel 

- - - -

hope you guys enjoyed MY FACE. maybe you'll see more of that. 

Thanks for reading,


  1. why is everyone's face so much better than mine like legit. xD your face is great btw.

  2. You have such a pretty face, and your hair looks gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading this post.

    Bridgette| A Bit of This and That

  3. GAsp gasp GASP Gasp GAspety Gasp!! Your face omgosh!!!!! Your so cute!!

  4. Love this!
    Also you're super cute btw,

  5. YOU'RE SO CUTE NOOR. You also rocked this cosplay! Isabel Culpeper is simply amazing. Love this. <3

    anna | annaish

  6. YAS NOOR SO PRETTY - you slayed this outfit by the way ahaha

  7. I love your hair. You are beautiful. :) <3

  8. Oh my gosh Noor, you're so beautiful!!!!

  9. YES ISABEL! She is one of my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITES. "She'd been here long enough that all of her feelings had been replaced with high-end linoleum.” That's the cat in Sinner, isn't it?! I love it!

    One of my favourites of her lines is (paraphrased slightly):
    "I want a decent coffee shop. Here when I say /panini/ people say /bless you/."

    Anyway, lovely post, you are beautiful!


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