Blogtember Day 1 - Introduce Yourself + Your Blog

Hello everyone! Happy September 1st :D

*sighs* still havent gotten the letter yet. ANYWAY it's the first day of Blogtember! *throws leaves* Today's prompt is Introduce Yourself + Your Blog let's do it :D

#aesthetic picture oo oo 

WELL HELLO! I'm Noor, I'm a 12 year old (sometimes I forget that) human being who really really loves pumpkin cupcakes. like a lot. I will consume them ALL. 

I like to make some sounds with a violin and write furiously at a computer until my hands fall off. It's a fun thing, really. 

The smell of books makes me feel safe and I'm never pleased unless there's a cup of tea in my hand and a blanket on my lap. 

I'm also a person who enjoys blogging, and making friends although I kind of suck at that. PLEASE BE MY FRIEND I HAVE AN EMAIL. and no.. i'm not desperate for friends.. not at all. 

Some little things I enjoy are Harry Potter, several Youtubers, Dan and Phil, Arctic Monkeys, Glee and Doctor Who. We should chat about them some day. 

I don't really like capital letters UNLESS I'M SCREAMING THAT'S FUN but i'd honestly prefer to write like this if it were grammatically accepted.

I find myself extremely cringeworthy so I apologize to myself and anyone else for this 

That's really it about me, I'm not an exciting person although I think I'd be if I had friends. *nudge* (i think i'm trying too hard. this is where the cringe factor comes in)

This here, is A Little Bit of Sunshine, a little blog that began in February 2014 and is now two and a half years old. wow

It's a little mix of books, writing, and things about my life. So stick around. 

I try to be poetic, it never really works. 

(did I mention that there's a lot of glee gifs. i don't think that's relevant but there's a lot)

That's me in a nutshell, maybe you learned something, maybe now you want to be my friend. 


Give me three fun facts about you.. GO. Also we should be friends. I mean. Only if you want to pshh. But really, HAPPY SEPTEMBER.

Thanks for reading,


  1. okay cool lets be friends bc i need more in my life. and three facts about me.... okay....
    •i have nineteen pieces of band merchandise and counting.
    •my birthday is november fifth, two days after my friend landshark's birthday
    •aaaanddd i can't live without if i go a day without it i will die.
    lmaoooo well here there u go.

  2. LOL I'LL BE FRIENDS WITH YOU!!!! okay here are 3 facts about me:
    * I spend too much time on the internet (don't we all)
    * I want to become an author (I'm writing 156576454 books rn)
    * I "play" the ukulele
    - Sarah 🌙

  3. I suck at making friends too can we be friends.
    Three facts about me...
    - I can't curl my tongue.
    - I'm bad at writing facts about myself and this is why I suck at making friends.

    Anyways there you go. <3

  4. This looks like fun!
    Hi, I'm Kanra. I'm a second year med student and wow, is med school a roller coaster! I write random things on my blog (I'm going to start introducing fan fiction LOL) sometimes about med school, studying, art and issues that I feel should be talked about! Three facts about me are:
    - I am seriously considering to be a psychiatrist and to spend my free time writing psychological horror/thrillers.
    - I start a lot of random series and almost never finish them? I haven't finished Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, Parks and Rec etc. The only thing I must have finished as soon as it came out was Daredevil and The Legend of Korra.
    - I find it really hard to make friends! I'm the kind of person who disappears for days and then pops back up to continue conversations. So if you're okay with sporadic friendship from my side, we're set to be friends lol.

  5. Three facts about me:

    1) I'm possibly considering majoring in either a form of energy engineering or working for a publication such as Oh My Disney, which actually looks like the coolest job ever.
    2) I have an obsession over Walk the Moon and fun.
    3) I'll reply to your email once I finish procrastinating over this essay I have to write, due tomorrow. >.<

    xoxo Morning

  6. Awesome post haha! Those glee gifs are gold.
    Yes let's be friends because I suck at making friends too.
    Three facts about me.

    1) Major bookworm. I can't leave the house without a book. I have more books than friends. True story.
    2) Batman or Superman? Superman.
    3) Most appalling fact.... *drumrollllll* I don't like Nutella. (Don't kill me, guys)

    Skylar | Skywriting

  7. You're 12 years old? WHaaaat? I thought you were 14!

    Okay three facts.

    1. I Live in Ireland

    2. I'm into Korean culture (not just the entertainment but also the language).

    3. I'm an INFP (partly INFJ), shy, quiet and awkward (except online). (totally not cheating)

  8. Okay, here are three facts about me:

    1. I've been waiting for my Hogwarts letter to arrive for the last 16 years.

    2. My favorite Doctor is David Tennant.

    3. I've been blogging for the last 2 years.

    Let's be friends!

  9. Three facts about me? Smh let's do this.

    1. I'm currently obsessed with Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir and Voltron: Legendary Defender
    2. My hair is blue (again)
    3. And I don't like Starbucks (the people, food, drinks... no thanks)

    Great post, Noor!

    anna | annaish

  10. Hmm ok three facts
    1. I'm obsessed with literally everything, I can never choose just one thing that I like
    2. I spend all of my time on youtube instead of being productive
    3. I'm way behind on blogging right now and trying to catch up help me I've been staring at screen for way too long
    And I suck at making friends too don't worry I get nervous around people and when I'm nervous I talk a lot and I end up just saying weird things aaahhhh
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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