Blogtember Day 16 - 5 People You Want To Befriend

Hello everyone! Today's prompt for Blogtember is to talk about 5 people/groups of people that you'd like to befriend and why :) Let's get right into it!

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1) Smosh Squad - my recent obsession has been smosh and the smosh people are just awesome people, they're so caring, take the time to notice and talk to their fans, being friends with them would be the best. They'd take you to fun places and always be there for you.

2) Maggie Stiefvater - I seriously want to know what goes on up in that brain of hers, because whatever it is, it's freaking awesome. Her books are just so unique. Writing advice from her would be like life advice from Gandhi or something, I'd cherish it forever. I'd ask her how I could improve my writing, if she could beta read my novel. Or I would bow down and worship her while in tears. Most likely the second one.

3) Pete Wentz - Now, I'm not as into Fall Out Boy as I was 3 months ago, but this opinion still stands, I would love to befriend Pete. Concerts, cool award shows, being with generally an am azing person would be amazing. Pete is just so funny and inspirational, I mean, I wouldn't not want to be friends with him.

4) All of the bloggers on my Favorite Reads list on my Friends page - I'm actually friends with a few of these people. which I am eternally grateful for and I love them to death. But there's a few that I've just been like "hey cool i love everything about your personality but i'm 100% entirely too scared to approach you" This is the most likely out of all of the 5 to happen.. that is if I ever build up the guts to email these people.

but also, every single blog I read, all those bloggers are awesome and I'd love to be friends with them:

5) Malala Yousafzai  - this is the most cliche thing I have ever, and probably will ever meet since 5 million other people in the world would put her on a list but Malala has been a huge inspiration to me for the past couple years, she had to be on this list. She gave me hope during a lot of times, and kept her chin up, which inspired me to do too. In fact, she was one of my inspirations to start this blog, back when I was an "activist blogger".

- - - - 

who are your inspirations/people you want to befriend + why? Let me know!

it's 8:30 and I'm literally about to pass out from sleepiness what is this who am i

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  1. I totally agree with you about the part about other bloggers. I would totally like to befriend some of them, but am way to nervous about approaching them half the time!

  2. THIS IS A FABULOUS LIST. <3 omg wow yes I would love to befriend Malala too. Like... dude. what an inspirational and amazing person she is. CAN WE ALL JUST HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENT AWE. :'''')


  3. I'd love to have blogger friends! I'd love to be friends with Malala too bc I love talking about serious things like world problems, terror atacks. I really liked this post!

  4. I would like to befriend bloggers and a few celebrity's Matthew Grey Gubler who plays Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds would be number one.


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