Blogtember Day 14 - A Day in the Life

Hello everyone! 2 weeks in, we're going strong, phew. Still stressed. But better.

Today's prompt for Blogtember is to do a Day in the Life, using pictures, videos, etc. Yesterday's prompt was to describe fall!

- - -

I decided to do a little day in the life of my trip to the Adirondack Mountains this weekend! I took some pictures up there so, perfect right?

I got up at 7 to take this picture, because the lake we were by was the prettiest thing ever. 

creds to my friend for this picture - this was a #aesthetic bridge that i had to take advantage of. talk about a kodak moment. jk :P

The lake once again, we went back later in the afternoon for dinner and swimming. PR E T T Y

The water.. was so CLEAR it was insane, I feel safer when I can see what's under me. Thankfully there were no fish that were nipping at my feet. 

the cute lil shed by the lake with the strangely clean changing rooms and a washer and dryer???

Noor's candids part two: after swimming edition

here's a little view of by our cabins, it was very homey but also M O S Q U I T O S 

the little field by our cabins aka the most fall place i've ever been

- - - - 

share a little bit about your weekend! also are you a more lake person or a forest person?

Thanks for reading,


  1. i'm forest, for sure <3 it looks like you had a fabulous day.

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

  2. I love these photos! It looks like such a gorgeous place ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. I'm more of an indoors person but this post was quite nice to read.


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