Blogtember Day 2 - September Goals

Hello everyone! I'm now realizing that I forgot to put a link up at the end of the post yesterday, apologies! But thank you to everyone who did yesterday's prompt and to everyone that emailed me for FRIENDSHIP. Which you should still do, my email is right here ;) *wink*

Today's Blogtember prompt is your September Goals, just share a couple of things that you'd like to accomplish this month, and at the end of the month, we'll look back and see how many you did ;)

make the school soccer team

Last year, I tried out for my school soccer team and sadly didn't make it, and was made manager. Which I'm STILL angry about. 

the fact that I found the PERFECT glee gif makes me so happy

But I've been practicing loads over the summer and hopefully i might do it. I always have pumpkin cupcakes to bribe the coach with muahaha.

complete blogtember

Putting this one first would probably have made more sense but this one is obviously something I want to do. As the host, I feel obligated to finish, and I MUST FINISH WHAT I STARTED. cue the ominous yet uplifting music.

if you get this reference i will send you lots of pumpkin flavored things

make some new blogging friends

*flips hair* already started this one. But you know i MUST MAKE ALL THE FRIENDS. just kidding, not all of them. But if you want to help me with this goal.. just saying... i'm down with that.

actually do my homework

This could also be "For Pete's sake Noor, learn how to manage your time." I have a love hate relationship with study halls. See, if it's after a class, I can do my homework for that class and not have to do it at home. 

But on top of that, sometimes I won't do homework at home because I tell myself I can do it all in study hall. Periods are only 42 minutes long and there's other factors that come into play so I get 30 minutes of work time, if I don't get distracted. Which happens just about every day. It's not cool beans.

So managing time with Blogtember, soccer, and actually getting my homework done comes in play this month.

survive eighth grade

Eighth grade, whoo, the oldest kids in school! Yeah, no.

Eighth grade, whoo, more homework, more responsibilities, more stress! Yeah that's better. Save me.

What are your September goals? How was your August on a scale of one to ten? And do you have any tips for managing time, I need serious help.  

Thanks for reading,

i swear everytime i type blogtember i want to type blogtober arugh



  1. Ughh, help me survive eighth grade... and make the school soccer team. Last year I made it to the JV team, but this year my coach told me I could even try out for the highschool varsity team. I dont know, I'm still a lil 8th grade girl, and I have to save a lot of time for school, since next year I really want to get in the high school honors classes. Oh, and on top of that I have to practice cello.

  2. Whats a linkup? Is that where you put your link if you did it or...? AND, could I email you for freindship??


    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  4. Good Luck with soccer and eight grade!!!! I can't really give any advice for soccer, but for eighth grade get an agenda, get some sleep, and work hard. Also HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
    - Sarah 🌙

  5. Good luck! EVERYONE can be bribed with pumpkin cupcakes though!

    - Edie

  6. Ahh. I hope you survive 8th grade (second year in this country). And actually do your homework xD

  7. I got that reference. :)

    Good luck with 8th grade and the soccer team!

  8. OH MAN SENDING YOU LOTS OF PUMPKIN WAFFLES (because that's totally a thing and I can tell you like pumpkin flavored things so....I'M KIND. WHAT CAN I SAY.) AND WHOO HOOO YOU GO GIRL!! YOU MAKE THAT SOCCER TEAM AND DO THAT HOMEWORK AND SLAYYYYY. <3


  9. These are all great goals! I'm sure that you'll do amazingly with them, and I hope that you have an amazing September ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  10. Hope you manage to reach your goals and have a great September! I participated in Blogtober last year and was itching to do it again this year, but you see there are such thing called final year exams, so...
    All the best for blogtember!


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