Blogtember Day 15 - Current Read + How You Like It

Hello everyone! This is my favorite prompt, probably, I LOVE reviewing and now I have motivation to do it! Yay!

Today's prompt for Blogtember is to review your current read, basically saying how you like it so far! Seeing as I am literally 20 pages from the end of this book, I guess this'll just be a little review!

I'm also trying a new review style so let's see how this goes.

the summary

Sam shape-shifts into a wolf during the cold season and turns back into a human during summer. Grace was bitten by wolves when she was a child, but somehow, she remained human.

what happened

They were drawn to each other when Grace finally discovered the wolves’ secret, while Sam was on his last year turning into Human. They thought that the reason she didn’t turn lupine was because of something that happened to Grace when she was a child, when she was bitten by a wolf. This formula may be the one Sam needed in order to remain as a Man for all his life.

the question

Is it really worth it?

the review

I couldn't put this down. The writing in this book is absolutely gorgeous. The characters are well-developed and realistic. The plot of the story simply swept my mind away into the world of Grace and Sam, werewolves and magic. It’s a bittersweet, funny and beautiful story. Stiefvater reinvented the idea of werewolves, it was as if she came up with them herself. This beautiful, exhilarating and heartwarming tale will have you eating chapters faster than you could ever imagine.

This thrilling tale of love between a werewolf and a girl might be cliché to other people. But somehow, this story stuck me as unique because i got to know more about wolves and their knack for the heat and cold, however, I can’t help the uncanny feeling that it is less endowed with information – as to how the history of shape-shifting really came into being. Or maybe I’m just a little excited with this assumption that I feel less informed.

The romance was interesting, unique, as I said before. But it was more romance in some parts than fantasy. If I wanted to read a romance novel, I would have reached for a romance novel.

Here's the thing. Somehow, I felt the surge of temperature inside my room (in this hot summer weather, mind you) while I was reading Sam’s transformation. I actually thought something would happen to me when I stepped out of the cold.. Weird... This was a nice read! I recommend it for a nightly bedtime story:)

- - -

Let me know if you've read this book, or maybe what book you're reading right now! Okay it's 10 PM goodnight all!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Awesome review! I love the new format :)
    I'm currently reading The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud, and I'm disappointed to say it's not very good so far. :(

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  2. OMG that has been my favorite book for almost 5 years!

  3. this is such a lovely post idea! SHIVER IS LIFE, AHHHH. JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL BOOK THREE, DUDE, JUST YOU FREAKING WAIT. and aren't those covers gorgeous?

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

  4. I read Shiver and loved it but the ones after, Linger and Forever I didn't like too much. Maybe my exceptions were too high. I felt like I got pulled in by the hype. Maybe you'd enjoy them better?
    Shiver was good though, I agree. I did find this read oddly unique. Great review!

    Skylar | Skywriting

  5. This one has been on my pile for a while, I think I should give it a go.

  6. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. I can confirm it gets better with each book. So much love!


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