Blogtember Day 11 - The Sunday Sunshine #5 : Mountains and Victories

Hello everyone! You've returned back to your daily days of Noor for this month, camping was fun but I'm glad to be home :D

Before I start the post, I just want to dedicate today to the victims of 9/11, all of them. The 2976 American people that died in the initial attacks and the 48,655 Afghani, 1,690,903 Iraqi, and the 35,000 Pakistani people who died as a result of the attacks, paying the price for a crime they did not commit. They deserve recognition too, they were innocent people involved in a horrible situation. We need to remembered every single innocent person that died on 9/11, all around the world, because 9/11 wasn't just about America. Thank you :)

On a happier note, today's prompt for Blogtember is your Weekly Wrapup (I call it Sunday Sunshine because it's just my series name), yesterday's prompt was Recent Music Favorites and tomorrow's prompt is your Fall Essentials. To see all the prompts, click here!

- - -

- school started.. yikes -

Okay, summer was great, but I'm glad to be back at school, it gives me something important to use my time up with. But it's the 4th day of school tomorrow and I'm ALREADY stressed, we have a project due Friday, and more tests coming up as well.. honors sucks. Hopefully I will learn how to manage my time. I just want to eat cupcakes all day -_-

- i made the school soccer team ahh -

VICTORY IS MINE YES AHAHA. I'm just assuming I made the team because he didn't say anything to me on Friday when people were supposed to be cut so I'm good. GOALS WERE ACHIEVED. A PUMPKIN LATTE WAS DRANK.
(what is wrong with this text it's really bothering me uuugh)

- i went to the adirondacks for camping -

This was pretty cool! Me and a couple friends went up to the Adirondack Mountains to do a weekend for camping and we chilled for a bit up there, did some hiking, did a seriously FUN ropes course and swam in a beautiful lake! ALSO THERE WERE S'MORES?? S'mores are such an insanely good food like it's the best combination in the world PLEASE try a s'more if you haven't you're welcome.

- all i’m going to say is yikes -

haha what's a book. No but really, I haven't been reading at all, it's kind of sad. I'm actually reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater that I absolutely love but I just haven't had any time to read.

too. much. homework. IT'S NOT EVEN THE FIRST FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL. u g h

- current book goal : read a book every week -

Judging by my reading pace, I can see this happening, maybe I will have another thing to add to my list of victories this month.

- hopefully october -

I haven't been writing this month but I'm not too worried, my October project is to plan out my novel, in time for my November project, NANOWRIMO. *shudders* can I do it this year, only time will tell.

Find out next time on, Noor Manages Her Time: Or Does She?

- just keep doing what i’m doing -

I'm pretty much where I want to be with my blogging, I'm doing Blogtember, doing my best (emphasis on best) to comment on blogs and it's going smooth. Don't need to change anything, don't want to change anything.


How was your week? Tell me some of the highlights! Any reading goals, or things you've accomplished recently?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Very informative post. I enjoyed this post a lot. Sunday trips are very interesting and it refreshes our mind from the work. YOu have discussed a good idea for sunday sunshine. Thank you so much for the post. I really loved it.


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