Welcome October + I HATE BLOGGER

HELLO EVERYONE. i'm seriously thinking about switching to wordpress..

everytime.. i went.. to... post.. IT FROZE?? and broke my computer around 10 times -_- Well somehow, it's working again so hi!! I've returned from the depths of Blogger Help.

so hello! and hello to october, it's cool to have you back :D

So I decided to do a quick little October Goals post to get back into the gist of things real quick, set my life in order again after the last week of wow what's goin on.


finish planning my novel

I've had this in mind for October since August, I really want this novel to be nicely planned out by end of the month so I have it ready for November, NANOWRIMO. AHHH

It'll be my "monthly" project. let's do it. If anyone wants to plan with me, shoot me an email :)

do all my homework. pls. + get 95+ on my quizzes

my grades have been falling down, maybe it's just that i need to lower my standards, you know thats probably it but i don't really think that's possible for me, so 95 plus it is. 

especially math. *puts a fist up to the sky* CURSE YOU ALGEBRA. numbers and stuff man they just messes with me

don't slack. i mean it noor

me to me:

yeah yeah you get home at 5-5:30 every night boo hoo BIG DEAL suck it up and get that homework done, write that post, finish that drawing.

and I also want you to start being better at soccer just kick that ball you know what you're doing wrong. don't look at me like that. 

ok i'll cut you some slack, only 3 goals, but you better accomplish them *glares at homework slowly piling up*

ANYWAY!! hope you had a great September and an EVEN BETTER October. IT IS. THE MONTH. OF F A L L 

my favorite month of the year is here, ah. it feels good. 

i am a mess, this post is a mess, but it's ok, because it's OCTOBER. ok bye now

Thanks for reading,


  1. wordpress! i think i'm the only other blogger on blogger with a wordpress blog so. (the link is btw)
    and october means ONE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY YAY!

  2. These are all great goals, I'm sure that you'll do wonderfully with them! And I'm seriously considering switching to wordpress, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. Wordpress drives me nuts, but I can see why you would want to switch- that's so annoying! Good luck on your goals! Especially novel planning- I'm in the midst of that myself and yeesh it's hard.

  4. This is so cute and so are you. YOU GOT THIS GIRL. CRUSH THOSE GOALS.

    Btw, I love your blog's design. <3

    xx Mackenzie

  5. Ah it sucks that blogger is acting up :( Blogger's always been good for me because it's easy to use and doesn't involve much freedom, but hey, if you switch to wordpress I'd be excited to see what that's all about.

    The Life of Little Me

  6. I want to switch all the time, I like WordPress's designs better too!

  7. AGH DON'T SWITCH TO WORDPRESS JUST MAKE A NEW BLOG ON BLOGGER. Wordpress is fine, but in the long run, apparently it's really hard to tinker with their blog templates. Anyhoo, I agree with "get 95+ on my quizzes." My friend who moved to Nevada ended up posting an Instagram caption saying, "rip my grades," and I kind of laugh on the inside painfully because I'm trying to understand the AP Calc chapter we're studying, but doing the product and chain rules while solving dy/dx just makes my head hurt so much, and next week is the test. O-O

    xoxo Morning


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