Blogtember Day 13 - Describing Fall

Hello everyone! I sprained my ankle :/ But hey I hopefully get more time to do things!

Today for Blogtember, you have to describe fall using a different form of art than you usually do, graphic design, drawing, writing, etc! It's a little bit of a challenge but it's a whole lot of fun :D

Yesterday's prompt was your Fall Essentials and tomorrow's prompt is A Day In The Life! To see all the prompts, click here!

For my option, I decided to use graphic design and list all my favorite things about fall in a little graphic using different fonts!

Some of them are similar, but it was hard to come up with so many XD

Let me know what words come to mind when you think about fall! 

This was probably one of the shortest posts I've ever written.. uh oh. 

Thanks for reading,

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