HAPPY HALLOWEEN!: Special Halloween Post

Hey everyone! Its Halloween and I've just ended the night! I'm gonna share with you all the highlights and stuff but unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures... I will try to share a pic of the costume on my About Me page.

This Halloween, I was the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who! I loved my costume it was super awesome with the sonic and everything!!

I had an olive colored trench coat, white shirt, black tights, black skirt, fez, and bowtie.

My friend Carlin had a party and it was super fun!!!

They had a lot of cool decorations like spider webs, fake bloody fingers, etc.

My friend's costumes were: Emma G-Monster, Hannah G-Panda, Carlin-Pink Lady from Grease, Mia-Baseball player, Meghan- Robin Hood, Katelyn-Softball player, Anna-Pirate, and Alexia-Marty the business man.

We played several games like, pop the balloon with your knees, try to get as much sweets as you can in your mouth, wrap someone in toilet paper.

For food we had: pasta, cookies, gummy worms, chips and salsa, Oreos, and Cheetos.


I got a lot of candy, my bag was so heavy when we were done. My favorite one was the small pack of Kit-Kat minis!

One house was totally decorated and they had super cute emoticon pumpkins.

My friend Molly was dressed as a creepy clown and Hannah got soooo scared when Molly started following her and didn't know who she was.


Our pumpkin looked like one of those "knocked out teeth" pumpkins. It was my first time carving by myself and it was super fun!

We hung up some fairy lights that were orange, black, and purple.

We also had these pumpkin, mummy, and skeleton figures that lit up so we put those out.


The best part was probably when we went trick-or-treating. We all laugh and sang along the way and had a great time with each other. We even went nearby my old house and said hello!

I hope you enjoyed and sorry for the lack of pictures, I totally forgot! See you on Sunday!

Thanks for reading,


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