My Favorite Things About Winter Tag

Hello everyone! I know its a bit early but I'm starting a winter tag! I hope you enjoy and be sure to do the tag if you get tagged! (That was a mouthful)

1.Thank the person who tagged you. (Link to their blog!)
2. Tell your top 5 favorite things about winter.
3. Answer the person who tagged you's questions about winter.
4. Ask 5 questions about winter for the people you tagged to answer.
5. Tag 3 or more people!
1) Tea and hot chocolate? YASSSS! I love curling up with a good book (oops I left that out) and drinking some sort of hot drink.
2) Snow is so beautiful where I live. The way the snow sets on the trees makes me so happy! This year, I'll be sure to do a snow photoshoot for you guys.
3) Winter songs make me happy. We're playing Let it Go and Let it Snow in orchestra and it is awesome!
4) I love Thanksgiving, my mom always cooks a lot. I don't celebrate Christmas but I love being in the Christmas spirit! My dad and I drive around our neighborhood looking at all the lights, its pretty cool.
5) Don't call me immature but I love playing in the snow. Making snowmen, having snowball fights, rolling around, all that jazz. DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMANNNNN?
1. Favorite winter drink?
2. Best winter quote?
3. Do you have snow where you live?
4. Brief opinion on winter?
5. Favorite winter month?
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  1. Love this blog post hot chocolate is my life! Cool blog ! Please go check out my blog and follow it if you like it x
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  3. I love the snow sm. And I prefer just being called Daisy :) Thanks for nominating me ♥


  4. Next time you should nominate me!

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Noor!
    - June


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