November Goals

Hello everyone! Today I am doing the monthly "Goals" post with all new goals! First, let's go over the October Goals. 

Make Mathalon. AWWW Yea did that! I'm having so much with it too! 

Don't mess up BBK. I think I didn't do this! :) 

Practice my instruments more. Kinda, I practice 10-15 minutes of each almost every day. I am also trying out for something called BCMEA so I have to practice more. 

Gain more followers on blog and Instagram! I gained 6 followers for my blog in October and I have 106 followers on my personal Instagram and 65 followers on my fandom Instagram. (Lots of 6's :O) 

Read 10 books. Yeah! I finished a whole series and some other books. I'm trying out the Heroes of Olympus series right now. (Second book) 



Keep getting good grades. I've been getting pretty good grades lately and I want to keep that up. I have a big math test coming up on Friday, oh nein! 

Score a goal in a soccer game. Its a big deal when you score a goal in a game. Like a big deal. You're a star for the rest of the season. I really want to score a goal in an upcoming game! Fingers crossed!

Make a new friend. I like making friends and its always great to make a new one. 

Do well in Mathalon. Did I mention that Mathalon is really hard? I want to try my best and I am! I hope we win our competition. 

Stay happy. We were told that a lot of kids start getting depressed in 6th grade which is sad and I don't want to be over obsessive over my looks or social life. 


Post more interesting things. I've noticed some of my posts are boring, I want to change that and make my posts more exciting!

Write a story. Trying to keep a story going is one of my weaknesses. I always give up on a story. I've already started a story and I want to keep it going. 

Earn more followers on my fandom IG account. I have a special IG account for the fandom side of me and I'm trying to promote it. My goal is 100! 

Make better edits.  I make a bunch of edits and collages but a lot of them are bad. My mom said she'd get me Photoshop for my birthday! I'm so exciting. Right now I have to work with PicMonkey and editing apps.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and be sure to tell me your goals and the link to your goals post! 

Thanks for reading,


  1. I want to score a goal for my soccer team too. Usually I'm a defender so I don't really get the chance to score :P. I like your November goals, too BTW :)


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