Roomspirtion: My Room!

Hello everyone! Today I have a roomspiration post but I first wanna talk about something that I hate.

 I don't wanna be that kind of complainer person but my biggest pet peeve is when someone promotes their blog on someone else's, and then like asks to be tagged or something. Like, did you even read the post? Do you just wanna be promoted? Go do that somewhere else, not here. Sorry for the rant I just had to talk about that.

Okay now let's check out my newly decorated room for winter! Its not complete but its almost done!

Here's my door! I made a sign out of origami paper and ribbon. Here are the simple steps:
1) Get a bunch of pieces of paper, two for each letter of your name.
2) Make a heart or different shape out of (enter number of letters in name/word here) pieces of paper.
3) Glue that shape onto another piece of paper and when you've done that with all of your shapes, write out the word, string onto ribbon and voila!
This one is probs my favorite! Just make a calendar, on your wall. It's pretty self-explanatory. It's really cute and in December, you only have to make one new number! If you wanted to do reminders or something you could sticky note the reminders on the day.
My desk is really messy but I sorta organized it to my liking. I liked how my lotions were all organized and I found this super uber cute tray so I put my nail-polishes in it.
Sorta blurry pic but whatever. I have some cute had sanitizers which I collect! My favorite things are the tea lights and the little Aries picture that my aunt gave me.
The coolest thing about my bed is that it has a bookshelf built in! I bought some fake flowers and put them down there. I also have my books organized by series.
I made this by hole punching the middle of some snowflake doilies and stringing them onto a piece of ribbon!
I also taped some snow flakes to my ceilings!
I hope you all enjoyed today's post and tell me your fave thing about your room down below!
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  1. Nice. Thx for the kind comment on my blog. Ur room looks awesome.



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