The Average Internet Obsessor

Hello everyone! A lot of people said they liked "The Average ____" series so I am gonna do one with Internet people, like me. Please do not take these seriously, I am not an expert and I do not mean to offend anyone!

We are always holding an electronic.
I always have my phone, computer, or iPad in my * ADJJHFDHJFD *jumps to phone and zones out for 1 hour* I have to hide my stuff while I'm doing homework so I don't get distracted.

We have some sort of social network.
Tumblr and Instagram are popular ones but seriously, how the heck are you an Internet addict without at least 2 social networks. If you're a fangirl, well that's a different story.

Most of our friends are either internet addicts too or are just very accepting of your obsessions.
My friends have learned to deal with my fangirl attacks and it happens on a daily basis, so they're pretty cool with it.

Free time= internet.
Truth. Most of my free time consists of *scroll, double tap, type, scroll.*.

Sorry for the short post, I have to make decorations for my friend's locker because its her b-day tomorrow! (Craft on Thursday!)

Thanks for reading,

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