Hello everyone! Today I'm going to talk about popularity levels in middle school.  I'm hoping to do a Let's Talk About It on Friday and a review on Sunday, so I demand you to look forward to that! Let's just get going, shall we?

I decided to divide it up into groups to show you easier.

The Girl Populars
All the girls want to be them. They get asked out every week, always have a boyfriend, and have everyone at their side. These people are full of drama and most of them are drama queens. I'm partially here and partially in middle girls.

The Boy Populars
These boys get asked out and most girls have crushes on them. They usually go out with popular girls but some nice ones go out with middle girls or even unpopulars. In my school, these boys usually play soccer or football.

The Middle Girls
Me and my friends are at this level. We get asked out occasionally. We don't get drama and are usually in our own little space. I honestly think this is the best place to be in middle school.

The Middle Boys
The middle boys don't really have classification, they're just your average boys. They're pretty nice. 

The Unpopulars
The only difference between the unpopulars and the middle people is that no one knows who they are. Example: "Hey, do you know that girl Yolander in science?" "Who the heck is Yolander?" "Oops, I forgot she's an unpopular." (Please don't take offense if your name is Yolander, it is a pretty name)

These people are just plain weird. I don't know what's going on in their brains but it is crazy. But you know, we're all weirdos inside :).

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Be sure to tell me in the comments which person you are and if you wanted to add something or someone! :)

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  1. Middle girl. I'm sooooooooo sorry about the halloween thing!!!! I have been sooooo busy! Sorry!

  2. Im tots a weirdo with my BFFS but yet I would say also a middle! I have a werdo who has a crush on me thogh... I would most likely go out with him!!

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