Top 5 Things To Watch On Netflix

Hello everyone! Yesterday I read an amazing post on Eve's blog about Eve's Top 10 Shows on Netflix and I was like, yes. So all credits to Eve and if you want to see the original post, click here.

1. Doctor Who
You guys probably saw this coming. But its amazing. Doctor Who is funny, suspenseful, and awesome. A dude in a time and space traveling box has companions and they go places in time and space. AWESOME. Plus, it's funny. I must warn you it is a bit scary so watch at your own risk. THE FEELS THO (BBC Masterpiece 1)
2. Merlin
My mom loves this show and got me into it. It's sort of a medieval times thing and it is funny and super cool. I love medieval stuff, I find it very interesting. Ever heard of King Arthur and Merlin? That's what this show is based on. (BBC Masterpiece 2)
3. Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes? Sherlock Holmes. Another amazing BBC masterpiece. This show is creepy and awesome at the same time. It's about well, Sherlock Holmes solving amazing and interesting crimes with his sidekick John...WATSON. If you like adventure and mystery then Sherlock is for you.
4. Torchwood
Torchwood is a spin-off show of Doctor Who (its actually an anagram of Doctor Who) A couple of episodes are slightly inappropriate but the rest are very funny. I wouldn't recommend it for young children, 9 and under, it is a bit scary. (BBC Masterpiece 4)


5. Once Upon A Time
This show is basically a remake of all your favorite fairy tales. From Snow White to Frozen, Once Upon A Time is a magical show full of twists and turns!
I hope you all enjoyed and this helps you! (Even though almost all of these are BBC shows)
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  1. Oncers! (I love Once Upon A Time) X
    - June

  2. I really want to watch once upon a time.
    I've updated project H and was hoping that i could get your input and ideas.
    here's what i'm thinking-

  3. Great recommendations for the people who are free these days and can spend their time on Netflix with these amazing shows. Thanks for the wonderful share.


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