My Blogging Story

Hello everyone! It kind of surprised me when I discovered I had never done a post on my blogging story so I decided to share that.

When I was 7, I used to write up a small newspaper that I shared with my class. Then, my dad created a blog for it and I thought it was the best thing ever. Eventually, I stopped posting and deleted it.

Then when I was 9, I created an AG blog which became pretty popular but I stopped posting and then I deleted it.

Then once more, last year, I decided I would try writing a blog once more. This time I would take it a little bit more seriously. I got inspired by several bloggers Kids Blog Club and Call Me Hannah.

I was originally going to write about world problems but then I read some more blogs and realized that I should write about my true passions and how I really feel. My perspectives of the world.

My blog got bigger and bigger and now, after 8 months of blogging, my blog hasn't lost its power and I hope to continue blogging so I can look back at my feelings and my passions when I grow up.

I'm still not brave enough to tell my friends about my blog because I'm sort of nervous to hear what they say. But I don't need to tell them, I'm happy.

I was going to make up a story because I didn't really know and I was embarrassed by my true story but I realized that I have to be honest, to teach myself. And I'm proud, of myself and what this blog has become.

Sorry that this was post was so long, I just needed to tell the true story and all of it!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Cool blogging story! Nice idea - you shouldn't be embarrassed. I might use that idea for my next post!

    - Lexie | What Lexie Loves |

  2. Interesting story! It's nice to hear your blogging story, keep going! You are brilliant! X
    - June

  3. Wow. You started when you were 7. I love reading your blog and I think you made a great choice to write about your perspectives on the world. I hope you do continue to blog, blogging is a great medium to express your thoughts and feelings and to be heard. You've done an amazing job and I agree with Lexie that you should not be embarrassed. You've accomplished something great and I think you've obtained bragging rights.
    - Stella.


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