Wednesday Showcase

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a Wednesday Showcase... because I can. This version is featuring brand new blogs which are super fab and awesome. Okay? Okay. (Like the TFIOS?)

1. The Frumpy Kid

Lauryn over at The Frumpy Kid blogs about everything! She is fun, excitable and according to one of her recent posts, has an exciting contest coming up! Plus, she reads my blog. People who read my blog are fabulous. But anyways, check out her amazing blog and comment on all her posts. That's an order.

(Now that you're gone, I can sing Let it Go..) LET IT GOOOOO LET IT GOOOOOO CAN'T HOLD, wait you're still here? Moving on.

2.Snow Flake Sparkles Blog

Jasmine over at Snow Flake Sparkles Blog has a pretty cool blog. I'm talking "the coolest blog on the block" cool blog. Jasmine posts things like tags, poems, weekend fun stuff, tips, reviews and more! Go check out her amazing blog and comment your favorite post from her.

Ana over at What's Up Now has a hip blog. She posts about all the "in" things and also things that are not quite "in". She's a new blogger but be sure to give her blog a visit! You will not be disappointed by Ana's fab blog. (If you read this comment "Ana's blog is cool)

Abryn at Tall Green Giraffe posts about many fun things. She writes stories, takes fun pictures, and more! Trust me, you will have a lot of fun looking at this cool blog.

That's all for today folks. I just want you guys to answer a quick poll on what you want to see on Friday.

A tag (not created by me) OR Fun Things To Do Over The Weekend!


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