People Think I'm Cool (What?)

Hello everyone! I'm sooo sorry, I totally lost track of time and am posting this at the last minute. I've been a really bad post planner lately and have not been thinking about what to post. I do have an interview coming up so be sure to look for that.

I just wanted to ramble today about the fact that people think my blog is interesting and funny. I have nothing against it, I just think it's awesome! I've sort of (for like 5 minutes) thought about why this might be the case.

THEORY ONE- I am weird.

I guess you guys like awkwardness and weirdness because it seems to be working. I guess I just be my natural awkward self and boom, instant views. Trust me, this does not work in real life. (I wish it did, I would be like the most popular person in my school.)

THEORY TWO- My life seems "interesting".
Okay so this is super weird but 15 of you awesome people voted "lifestyle" as their favorite posts. Like really? You are interested in my life. Here is my schedule:
Wake up, eat, school, come home, internet, internet/fangirl, read, eat, internet, read, sleep, repeat.
It can't get any more boring than that. Basically I'm not there or I'm reading, fangirling, or on some electronic still fangirling.
THEORY THREE- I'm awesome.
I know it sounds self centered but in middle school I learned, you have to be confident about yourself. Just believe that you are truly awesome and you will do better.
Maybe that's why you guys like me, because I'm confident and I make good posts or something.
But my ultimate secret (true), theory is that I am really a witch from Harry Potter who gives all my readers love potions so they fall in love with my blog. MUAHHHAAHAHAHAHA
But seriously, why do you guys like my blog? Tell me in the comments I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for reading,



  1. Noor! You are the best blogger on the block! I love how you write on your blog, what you post about and you are being you! Keep rocking! >-< X
    - June

    1. Thanks so much June, I appreciate it a lot.

  2. I love your blog so much because I can totally relate! You and I are both fangirls, awkward, and adorably dorky. Plus, you're so cheerful and confident that I can't help but love your blog! Hope my comment helped answer your question. Have an awesome day. :)

    | Squishingly | BBK |

  3. All of these thing are true! You are awesome, your life is interesting, and you are unique!

  4. Your blog is great because it engages the reader and it's funny and just tongue-in-cheek.

    LOVE IT!!!

    - Lexie | |

  5. You have a great personality, I love reading your posts ♥

  6. are you kidding me? Amazing blog! You fill them with charisma and lighthearted stuff.

  7. i wish that u didnt act so cool and girlyy. it is ur blog but u used to act different and i liked that better. i also wish u didnt classify people in gruops. we r all equal.

    1. I don't know if you are gonna read this but thanks for the advice! I've changed a lot since I first started this blog and I'm sorry if you don't like the way I am now. I am sorry that you don't my blog now. Just for future reference, if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. :)

  8. I like because you aren't trying to be anything you aren' blog for yourself and others at the same time and I like that :)
    Plus your posts are always seems full of life :P


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