An American Girl Doll Halloween

Hello everyone! Remember how I said that I would be including some AG stuff. Today I am going to share some Halloween stuff for AG so this is one out of 2 posts. Next week, I'll post about Alisha's Halloween so here are some AG Halloween ideas for ya.

(Sorry if you don't like AG, I'm not really posting much about AG a lot ) :) :)

Costume Ideas

This one is cute! I really like this one. It is also really easy to do.

There are soooo many ideas for costumes and all of them are super cute. Link is here!
D├ęcor and Accessories
These are super cute and easy to make! Find the tutorial right abouttt, nope not yet....here..
Doll Diaries is a good website for doll things and this is a fun tutorial. Linkie!
That's all for today, comment down below telling me what you do for your AG! I would love to hear. New post on Thursday so stay tuned!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
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