My Halloween Decor

Hello everyone! I know, I've been doing a lotttttttt of Pinterest idea posts but they are just soooo cool and fun. I've decided to post some ideas of d├ęcor that I am planning to do and how I might be doing it.

Saturday's post will be a transition into the exciting posts for next week which you will find very exciting because these are the secret posts. Can't wait to see what all the bloggers have planned for next week!

This one is actually really simple and easy. My mom said I could make the webs and then hang them up with fake spiders. (We have left overs from last year)
I personally love the banner. My grandma has some fabulous orange ribbon that would work perfectly for this project. The pumpkin is cute too.
This looks super simple and can be done with paper, string, and imagination. I will probably use black, orange, and white paper and maybe use some candy corns too.
Link same as above!
These look simple to make. Cardboard+ gray paint+ painted roses and letters= tombstone.
My mom loved this one. We have a bunch of old tea lights so this is perfect...
I hope you all enjoyed today's post as much as I did. Next post, I'll try to talk about costumes so be sure to tell me about your costume and I might feature it next post!!
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  1. These are so cool! Halloween is one of the best holidays for decorations!

  2. Love the inspiration and I'm so excited for Halloween!

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy


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