Random Edits I Did

Hello everyone! For the next couple of posts or so, I am going to be stalling waiting for this to happen:

All the information for this fabulous new thing is in a page named Halloween Month! I still have 5 spots open for the blogger thingy. Let's get to the weird edits I did.
(These are all my edits and do have my watermark on them. You can take them for yourself but are not allowed to crop out the watermark or remove it.)
I will miss you sooooooo much! Never forget Matt, Whovians! (Don't worry Chris and David, I'll still make room for you when Capaldi finds his way into my feels.)
I just love this picture and this quote. SOO PRETTTTTYYYY

This is what's called: "going overboard".
Anywwaaayyyysss, hope you enjoy and be sure to check out my blog party and enter the writing contest....
Thanks for reading,



  1. Such great edits Noor! <3 These are amazing:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  2. Those are awesome! Also, I added your button to my button page. Would you mind adding mine?


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