Felt Pumpkins

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Today I am going to be doing a craft from the ideas which is the felt pumpkin. I was really lazy so mine didn't turn out great.

Orange/yellow/brown and black felt
A needle and thread or a sewing machine
Buttons (optional)

Threading a needle
Blanket stitch:
Running stitch (I have a post on that!)

STEP 1: Cutting the Circles
So obviously, the first step to making pumpkins is cutting the circles. My trick is to fold the felt in half and cut a half-circle on the fold. You will need two of these.

STEP 2: Sewing the Perimeter
This is the step where the blanket stitch comes in. You have to sew the blanket stitch all the way around the two circles, keeping them together. If you want to use some other stitch, you can but I find that stitch easier. (Mine is verrryyyy messy.)

STEP 3: Adding the Face
Now, this "pumpkin" looks like a big orange blob right? We need to add a face to this pumpkin. Use your black felt and cut out 2 triangles, squares, or circles for the eyes.

STEP 4: Sewing On The Eyes
Now, we can use a simple running stitch to sew on the eyes.

STEP 5: Cut and Sew The Mouth
The mouth is fun because you can cut it in any shape and size. Since I am lazy, I cut my mouth into a circle.

Now you can hang, cuddle, or place this pumpkin and have fun with it. I hope you enjoyed today's craft and I will write again on Tuesday!

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  1. Awesome tutorial. I will attempt to make one of those!

  2. sorry, I didnt do the 2nd post because my bday party was yesterday and I was soooo busy! The pumpkin is so cute!

    1. That's alright. I've only posted one craft too!

  3. It looks so festive and easy for even me (a horrible sew-er) to do. :)

  4. Cool craft :) Once I do it myself, I will be posting a fez tutorial. #Whovians #fezzesarecool #MYRINGTONEISTHETARDIS

  5. these are cute, you could make an awesome halloween garland out of them :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace


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