Let's Talk About It: Ebola, Halloween, Contests, and MORE

Hello everyone! Today I am taking a break from Halloween stuff and starting a new series called "Let's Talk About It". Its basically a mini-talk show with blogging news, news, events, and stuff like that. I'll try to do one as a filler so they won't be here super often but if you like it then tell me!

Hello Earth and welcome to Letttttt'sssss Talk About It! Today's main stories are:
EBOLA: Is it a Threat?
The Big Deal About Halloween
Having A Contest On Your Blog
EBOLA: Is It A Threat?
If you live in anywhere but Africa, no. There are around 5 people in the US who probably have Ebola and they have been quarantined.
If you live in Texas, or New York and are scared of Ebola, don't be. There is a veryyyyy small chance of you actually getting it, so it is not a problem to you.
On the other hand, Africans have a higher risk of getting Ebola. Thankfully, it is going away, but many people still have it. So if your thinking of going to Africa, also think about cancelling your trip.
The Big Deal About Halloween
What is the big deal about Halloween? For most kids who celebrate it: candy, friends, and costumes. For me, its candy, friends, and costumes.
I love candy. When I grow up and don't go trick or treating, I'll still buy candy for myself. Friends are a big part of Halloween. I go to my friend's houses for parties and then head out for a night of fun. I also love dressing up in costumes and expressing myself.
Basically, everyone loves having fun on Halloween. A lot of people don't even know Halloween was originally for scaring spirits off.
Everybody Loves Contests
One of the best ways to get your blog popular, is to host a contest. Everybody loves contests or giveaways. It gives them a chance to get something. I will do every entry in the giveaway so I can win!
Host an art, photography, writing, etc contest. These are always fun to host and fun to enter. Giveaways are always fun because you can get sponsors or giveaway junk you don't need. >:D
I hope you enjoyed this little news post and comment if you want more!!
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  1. Nice! I have a feeling I will enjoy this series! ;)


  2. I like this idea! Ebola is scary no matter where you are, but you're right, you ARE safe everywhere but Africa. Not even all of Africa, more southern Africa than anything. Halloween is awesome, even though the history is weird. And I like contests, it's so true!

  3. Hi there Noor.

    I've just started a new blog:
    I already I love your blog ( thanks Lexie for showing it to me ).

    - Flower_Power

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog - I love the colours on your blog. I love Halloween because of the sweets and thanks for telling me that Ebola is far away I am really scared of catching in it !


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