BBK Feature Contest Winner, Annoucements and STUFF

Hello everyone! I have a lot to talk about today so stick with me. It is not going to be a normal post and I promise normal posts will be coming soon.

Annndddd the winner is...................

MORNING! Of The Ups and Downs of My Not So Average Life!!! Congrats!

Your feature will be up on BBK soon Morning! Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll post Morning's entry up on the blog tomorrow. Or so.

I have a heapload of announcements so lets get started!

-Thanks to everyone for voting in the poll, it will be up for another two weeks so make sure to vote if you have not yet. For every vote on each post I get, there will be one post on that topic. If you are still reading comment PUMPKINS.

-I'm thinking of having a Halloween blog party with a bunch of bloggers so if you think that would be cool, comment down below.

-I'm having a writing contest so be sure to enter!

That's all for today and comment some blogs because I am doing Sunday Showcase tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,


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