BOOK TALKS: Matched Trilogy

Hello everyone! Sorry about the no post today, I totally forgot! I'm still building up suspense for Friday so this post will be non-Halloween related. Today, I am going to be doing a book talk for the Matched Trilogy. Remember, don't read the "Talk" section if you don't want spoilers...

The Overview

Matched- Matched is the first book in the series. Cassia is a 17 year old girl who has a big event coming up, the Matching Ceremony. She gets Matched with her best friend, the person who she loves. But something weird happens which changes her life forever. Join Cassia, Ky, Xander, and Em on their journey through the Society.

Crossed- Cassia and Ky have been separated. Cassia meets Indie and they journey through the Caverns to find Ky. Ky meets Eli and Vick and they are on a quest to find Cassia. Little do they know, something big is happening, the Rising has begun.

Reached- The Plague has spread, the Rising has taken over the Society, and Cassia, Ky, Xander are in the middle of it. Will they find a cure? What happens to the Society? Should they really believe in the Pilot?

The Talk

Matched- I thought Matched was a good book. I like the way the author, Ally Condie, spread out the story. (SPOILER) I was sad when Grandfather died, although I did like the book a lot.

Crossed- I don't know, I thought Crossed was a bit boring. It didn't really have very many suspenseful moments and I just went through it, not very happily. It was a good book but I think Matched and Reached were better.

Reached- Reached was my favorite. It was sooo amazing. It was very exciting and there were so many exciting cliffhangers. There were plot twists in plot twists! (SPOILERS) Oh my goodness, not INDIEEEE. She was my favorite and I totally shipped Indie/Ky. It was an amazing book and I hope Ally Condie writes more!!!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and get excited for Friday!

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  1. when will we do posts for the blog party???

    1. We've actually just finished up posted, last post is tonight. It said on the page. :) Maybe next year.

  2. Hi Noor,

    I've just started a new blog (with the help of Lexie | What Lexie Loves) and she showed me your 'brilliant blog'. I LOVE it already. Just wanted to let you know.

    From Hannie | www.hannieshothits.blogspot.com

    1. Your blog sounds amazing? How did Lexie help you?

    2. I helped Hannie by basically telling her how to get everything sorted (comments awaiting moderation etc.) and showed her some awesome blogs (like yours!!!). I also gave her a few tips.


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