September Goals/Labor Day

Hello everyone! I am going to be postponing the locker decoration post and celebrate September. It's Labor Day Weekend so, firrrsssstt, I will be sharing some interesting facts about.... Labor Day! Yay!

5 Fabulous Facts About Labor Day!

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1. Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday in 1887.
2. In the late 1800s the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks to create a basic living. Children as young as 5-6 years old worked in factories and mines.
3. The first day Labor Day was celebrated in the US was on September 5, 1882 in NYC. 
4. In a lot of other countries, May Day (May 1st) is when working people are celebrated. 
5. It was made a national holiday in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland and Congress. 

September Goals

So I was reading a fabulous blog today and saw a post that said September Goals. It looked pretty cool and I was totally inspired so I am doing a September Goals post. I'll have 5 goals (maybe more if I get sneaky.) so let us get goaly. Okay what the heck is "goaly".

Meet a New Blogger Friend. I really want to meet someone so I can have a connection and take advantage of them. Just kidding! I want blogging friends so we can do blog stuff together and talk and so I'm not alone.. :(, just kidding, again.

Discover 12 New Blogs. Okay, I am going to try to follow some new blogs and help out some new people make their blogs known. Yes, I know, I am a superhero. You can call me.. Wonder Noor! Don't call me that, really, don't. 

Don't mess up BBK. If you guys don't know, I am now blogging for Blogs by Kids and I am sooo excited!! I hope I don't ruin Libbie's beautiful blog with my craziness. Which is why I am making this a goal. 

Do well in school. I hope I get good grades in September and work my hardest. Wish me luck guys!

Make a new friend. I really want to make a new friend in middle school and prove to myself that I am somewhat good at being social...

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to tell me your goals in the comments!

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  1. That is awesome that you are blogging for BBK! Could you do a post about my book? Libbie did it once for another young author.


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