BBK Feature Challenge!

Hello everyone! Today I have an exciting challenge for you! It is a chance to get your blog featured, on BBK, and some of the BBK crew's blogs! Woooh!

-Write a fabulous post on your blog using one of the topics shown:
~Why Your Blog is the Best~What You Love About Blogging
 ~The Most Important Things You've Learned Since You Started Blogging
~The Most Important People You've Met Since You Started Blogging
- The BBK crew (me, Lily, Jo, Libbie, and Amelia) will judge your post based on creativity, photos, spelling/grammer, how interesting is it, and fabness.
- The winner will get their blog featured on BBK and some of the BBK crew's blogs. Let me just say, BBK gets more than 100 pageviews a day so a lot of people will see your blog.
- Make sure all of your work is original. Also, no swearing and make it simple.
I wish you all good luck and you have until September 30 to submit your posts by emailing or commenting the link!
Thanks for reading,



  1. Ooh! I'll enter! Can I email the post to you, though? I don't think I'll have time to actually post it on my blog if that's the way to go, so...

    xoxo Morning

    1. Of course! It is perfectly fine by me.

    2. Hey, Noor.

      Mind if I see Morning's post? :D


  2. My mom says you do lots of good work!

  3. Could I email mine as well? Thank you!!


  4. Hey Noor!
    Check out my blog to see my topic. Its the first post. Thanks^_~

  5. Hey Noor! Check out my blog


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