6th Grade Adventure!

Hello everyone! Today I adventured into middle school and it was pretty fun to be honest! But before that I wanted to say something! If you don't already know, I am going to be blogging for Blogs By Kids so if you want me to feature a post, your blog, etc on the blog, comment or email me. I will look into it and talk to Libbie, Jo, Amelia, and Lily and see if they like your blog. Be on the lookout for a new post from me because they are most likely going to say yes. So, keep that in mind!

My day went something like this...... 

HOMEROOM, Mr.Paulo- Mr.Paulo is awesome! He is so nice and is funny. Plus, he already knows my name! WHAT? He kindly explained to us what the heck we were supposed to do and I understood most of it. 

STUDY HALL, Mrs.Chase- Mrs.Chase was... different. She didn't really talk to us. She is a 7th grade teacher so I won't really see her until next year. I just doodled in Study Hall with not a care in the world.

BAND, Mrs.Lewis-King- I was freaking out during band because I hadn't bought ANY of my band stuff. Orchestra (which is tomorrow), I know I am not going to freak out because I know the teacher. 

SCIENCE, Mr.Paulo- Same teacher, better class. I already love science but Mr.Paulo is going to make me love it even more.

SS, Mr.Herringshaw- This teacher is way fabs. He is always nice and plays games and all that stuff. He and Mr.Paulo are the best teachers in the building. 

Okay so after SS, I went down to my locker to get everything for the rest of my day because lunch (marking the middle of the day) was next. I had to carry my lunch and my stuff which was a big pain so, never going to do that again! Then I went back down to my locker to drop off some stuff and my locker would not open! I was late to gym and it was horrible!

GYM, Mr.Cluck- Mr.Cluck was really nice. He wasn't like your average TV gym teacher. He was cool and easy going.

Reading, Mrs.Rosa- Mrs.Rosa was nice but not like the other teachers but she was okay. I liked her.

Math, Mrs.Hicks- You know that math teacher, the super strict one? That's Mrs.Hicks. I didn't really like her too much. She wasn't that "fun".

Language Arts, Mrs.Haar. Mrs.Haar was cool. She was fun and nice and seemed to be good at what she does. 

So that was my day, simple but scary. It was tough to move from class to class. 

Hope you all enjoyed today's post!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Sounds like you had fun! What a day. I wish you look for the rest of the year! :)


  2. Great to have you on the team!

  3. Nice to hear that you had a great day of sixth grade! I just started blank grade. (Haha, I wish I could say what grade I'm exactly in, but I'm not allowed). I hope you have a great school year! The first year of middle school is usually the best. ^.^ Oh, and it's nice to hear to be a part of the BBK committee! Wish I could join and possibly help out, but probably five people helping out is enough. But if you guys need help with anything whatsoever (or if you need middle school advice), I don't mind helping out ^.^ Just holler over at my blog and I'll answer ASAP! :D

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you so much Morning! I'll take advantage of that, just kidding! I might have a few questions from time to time so I hope I don't bug you!

  4. I hope you enjoy your school year! Middle school seems daunting but really, just keep yourself calm and it'll be alright :D

  5. That is a full schedule! And besides that you are making time for all of us! THANKS NOOR!

  6. Wow it sounds like you have some really cool teachers. I think that you will do great. Middle school is fun and it should be pretty easy since you have good teachers to learn from. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your tips and ideas. I think this blog is interesting and lots of people enjoy it. Keep blogging and hope you have a great year!

  7. hi, i like the way you dared to write about the teachers!

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