Hello everyone! You must be like WHHHHAATT? Two posts in a row? Awesome! (Maybe…) But today I want to talk about goals, how to set them and how it feels like when you achieve them. As an example, I am going to use my blogging goal. 

When I started blogging, which was February 2013, I thought I would never get to where I am now. But then, I created a goal. My goal was to get an average of 2 comments a post, 30 page views a post, and a feature/link to my blog that I didn't ask for. Guess what? I achieved all of those goals. 

Wanna know how? Hard work. I commented, posted, and linked all day. (I'll explain allll about that on Thursday in my BBK post.) I never gave up. No matter how unpopular my blog was, I didn't care. My goal was to do what I said I would do and that's it. 

Finally, after 1 month of working. I got my first comment. Then more comments rushed in. Now, I get an average of 3 comments per post. That's more than I wanted! 

Soon, my page view numbers started rising. Now, I get 40-50 page views per post. Again, more than my goal was. My most popular post has 356 page views! WOWWW! 

What's left? A feature/link. Now that took some time. I didn't learn that I had one (four actually) until 2 weeks ago. Teachers have been teaching their kids about blogging and used my blog as an example. I know that may not seem like much but it is awesome. My blog is good enough that it can be a teaching example, that's cool. I even got some feedback from some of the students which helped me a lot.

So basically, there are 4 steps to setting goals.

1. Create a reasonable goal. Don't make the goal too hard like: score 10 goals in a soccer game. Not even the Germans could do that!

2. Work! A very big factor in achieving your goal is to work for it. If you really want to achieve that goal, you gotta work hard! That goal isn't gonna achieve itself!

3. Wait. It is going to take time to achieve your goal. (Unless it is a quick goal, not like mine) Don't worry if you don't get your goal of 50 page views in the time you wanted. You have to wait for people to find your blog. Or if it is something else, then you still have to be patient.

4. Feel proud. You did it! You achieved your goal. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. Doesn't it feel great to achieve your goals! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and be sure tell me what your goals are in the comments! Don't forget to enter the BBK Feature Challenge! Deadline is Sept 30!!!

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  1. That is an awesome post Noor! Btw, I was just wondering when you would feature my book. But don't hurry to post it. If you have something else planned I can wait.

  2. Great post! Those are great goals, and including how to make a goal was a good move. Congratulations on achieving your goals!


  3. 356 page views on a single post ! Wow that's impressive! This is such an amazing post, you've made me learnt heaps.
    I will help you get towards your goal by following you!<3 Lovely blog, continue posting.
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  4. Livy- Thanks, and yes your book will be featured on Saturday or Sunday

    Lily- Thank you so much Lily for the nice comments, I really appreciate them.

    J- Thank you for following! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I checked out your blog and it is fabulousss! Keep up the great work.

  5. Hey Noor!

    Me again, haha. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Summer Rewind tag! Happy blogging! :)


  6. I think this post was very helpful.I am going to use these tips.


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