I walk outside on a chilly, autumn day.
The quiet breeze makes the leaves on the trees dance.
As I walk, the leaves rustle and crunch under my feet.
Another breeze makes the trees sway to and fro.
I grab my sweater and keep moving.
A small chipmunk scurries away, into a dark hole.
A little doe runs swiftly to find its mother.
I sit for a while, admiring nature.
Watching the trees dance, the squirrels run around each other.
I know, autumn is here.
Hello everyone! I hoped you enjoyed that little poem. I wrote it as I took a walk in my backyard. I also took some pictures, want to see?  I hope you like it....
Autumn is.............


I hope you enjoyed today's photos! Make sure to enter the BBK Feature Challenge!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Great pictures, Noor! Amazing! I really love autumn, it allows me to wear baggy hoodies without dying from a heat stroke. Haha, great work! Keep it up. :)


  2. Beautiful poem and photos! :D

    xoxo Morning


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