Feminism: A LONG POST

Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about a topic that I feel strongly about. NOTE- If you are an appreciater of girly girl culture, do not read this post. 

Pink, Princesses, Perfection: 3 P's of GIRL

This post is basically explaining feminism. Standing up for girls and women's rights. My mom and I strongly believe in feminism so I thought I should write this post.

When people think GIRL: what comes in mind? I asked a few friends (girls and boys) this question and here were some answers. "Shopping, not boys, purple and pink"- Boy, 11. "Clothes, smart?, awesome." Girl, 10. "One Direction, jewelery, fashion, pink, shopping" Boy, 12. "Fabulous, pink, cute, style" Girl, 11.

Notice how a lot of words were: shopping, pink, fashion, clothes. This is how kids describe girl? Nononono... Not right. Little girls like princesses right? Look at all the princess stories. Snow White, she eats a random apple given to her by an old lady, while she knows an evil magic queen is trying to kill her. I mean she should know better! Plus, only true loves kiss can save her. How does she know she even has true love? Sleeping Beauty, can be only awoken by a "prince" kiss. Right, like a prince is just gonna come wandering by. Cinderella, falls in love with a random prince and just happen to meet him again. Ariel, gives HER VOICE just to meet this prince. All of these princesses relied on a man to create their happy ever after, not cool Disney, not cool. 

But, let's take a jump outside of bad and look at what Disney did right. Mulan: awesome! Really supports the base of feminism. Frozen, true sister love. It showed that instead of true love from a man (Kristoff), Anna unfroze from Elsa's love. ANYWAYS, little girls all over are waiting for their 
"Prince Charming" and it makes them weak and helpless. 

Weak and helpless? Okay, so Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, did they ever do anything somewhat helpful except clean? Nope. It tells girls, sit around all day and look pretty and maybe clean a bit, that's how you should live your life. That may sound like an outstanding life but that is not how it works. If you are still reading, comment fabness. The stories basically support the stereotype of "women in the kitchen". 

Did you know that now they make makeup for 4 year olds? Well they do. 4 year olds should not be wearing makeup. Maybe they can dress up and stuff but makeup, no. My girl isn't wearing makeup until she is 12. Let's shift ourselves to how people think girls should be. How about a peek at Barbie. With a skinny body, loads of makeup, and shiny hair, every little girl wants to be like the fashion idol, Barbie. Even older girls, 13-15 will go without eating for a while, to get "the hot body" that Barbie has. This is a plain example of a bad role model.

Now, let's take a look at ideal girl costumes. So I was looking at Doctor Who halloween costumes online and decided to take a look at the costume websites girls section. Pink, pink everywhere. Almost every costume was decorated with pink glitter, pink fabric, pink lace, pink, pink, and more pink. (Note, I was looking in the 5-8 year old section so don't get alarmed.) I only saw 2 non-pink costumes and those were (*sigh*) Monster High costumes. Why all the pink? That shouldn't be a question, because everyone knows pink is the dominant female color. Why pink as that color, why not the "boy's color" blue? I actually don't know, but it is a very good question. 

I am going to end this post with that question. Why pink? My challenge for all of you is to break the stereotype. Write a blog post or essay just like this. Gather some friends and don't wear pink for a week. I would love to hear what you do! Doesn't matter if you are a girl or boy, the future of feminism is in our hands! As the younger generation, we can change the world. Work with me and spread the cause. 

I hope you were not bored by this post and thank you for reading though the whole thing.

Thanks for reading,


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