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Hello everyone! I am freaking out over here because I finally got tagged! Yup, the fabulous Lily from Squishingly tagged me for the summer rewind tag, thank youuu!

Soooo biggg!


✓ Thank the person(s) who tagged you. (Thanks Lily!!)
✓ Post about five to eight things that you did over the summer or upcoming in your summer schedule!* Pictures are optional.
✓ Answer the ten summer/fall questions given to you.
✓ Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them by commenting on their blog.
✓ Ask ten new summer/fall related questions.
✓ Share the banner above when you publish the post and credit the photo and the tag origin (http://theworldthroughmywindowsill.blogspot.com/)


1. Went to Disney World! WOOP WOOP

The place where all your dreams come true!
2. Joined Blogs By Kids!
3. Read like 50 books. No joke, I read 47 books over the summer, I am proud.
4. Almost got killed by a wave. No, just kidding. I was swimming in the ocean in Florida and a giant wave decides to almost drown me and I have seaweed on my head, perfect....
This was me, minus the tail and the pig-like features.

 5. Went to a wedding. I went to a traditional Pakistani reception in California. It was cool and I had to dress really nicely.
My Answers
1. What are you planning to do next summer?
I really want to go to England. If not, than read and blog.
2. What's your favorite summertime beverage?
Rootbeer. Well, I love rootbeer any time of year, but whatever.
3. What are you looking forward to most next summer?
Doing CAS again. That was fun. I'm also excited to possibly go to England.
4. What kind of music would you listen to while sipping hot cocoa by the fireside?
I would listen to Mozart. I have like 30 classical music songs on my iPod.
5. Reflecting on what you did last summer, what are you going to change for next summer?
Try not to be addicted to electronics. I spent half of my summer on my iPad.
6. What do you love most about blogging?
Connecting with readers. I love to meet new people.
7. Do you do anything special on your blog depending on the season?
Nope. It is weirdness all year round.
8. What's your favorite seasonal dessert?
Pumpkin pie.. yummmmmmmm!
9. Who is your biggest inspiration, and have they affected the way you spend your summer/fall?
My biggest inspiration is my mom and yes she made my summer so much better.
10. Why, in your opinion, do you think people around the world love spring?
I think that they like spring because no one really likes the cold (except for Elsa). The spring welcomes the warm and sunny days that most people (not Elsa) love.
1. What are you planning to do next summer?
2. What was your favorite thing that you did this summer?
3. What kinds of things do you post during summer?
4. Which do you like better, summer or fall? Why?
5. What is your favorite part of school?
6. Share a pretty photo that you took over the summer or describe one.
7. What 3 words can you use to describe summer?
8. Did you travel anywhere? If yes, where to?
9. Favorite book you read this summer?
10. Best blog post that you posted from over the summer.


I hope you guys enjoyed today's post, I'll see you day after.

Thanks for reading,


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