October Goals

Hello everyone! I have been absent for the past few days, I know. I just can't think of what to post! (Help me down in the comments)  I will be more active. I decided to do my October Goals today. I have been planning a fun post for you all so stay tuned!

First, I will answer my September Goals.

Meet a New Blogger Friend. Yay did that! Shoutout to JUNE!

Discover 12 New Blogs. No :( only 5.  Squishingly, Little Kawaii Daisy, Tweenist's blog, Sophie's Stories, and Tall Green Giraffe!

Don't mess up BBK. I kinda did this by getting too excited. Whoops, well that's Noor for ya.

Do well in school. I got good grades! I got lots of 100s and maybe one 88, whoopsy daisy. 

Make a new friend. Yay! I made a friend! Her name is Lacey and she's realllllyy nice!


Make Mathalon. If you haven't been following my recent posts, I just auditioned for the Math team at my school. I am really hoping that I get in!!!

Don't mess up BBK. This is still going to be a goal because I am super nervous that no one will come back to BBK because of me.

Practice my instruments more. I need to practice more because I don't practice the music and then have trouble playing the music.

Gain more followers on blog and Instagram! I have 10 blog followers so far and my goal is 20 by the end of October! Help me get there please? I have 18 followers on Instagram and my goal is 30 by the end of October. My Instagram is tardisturtle_noor so can you pretty please follow me!!!

Read 10 books. I have recently gotten back into reading a lot so I want to read a lot more. I just ordered a bunch of books so that's good......

Okay, so those are my 5 goals for this month, hope you enjoyed today's post! I've pushed up the BBK Feature Challenge to next week so we need a couple more entries!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Great goals! My goal for October is have a great birthday party :) Also, I added your button to button page. Will you add mine?

  2. This is such a great idea, good luck for your October goals!


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