School Bucket List

Hello everyone! Today, I become a dork, a full-on dork. Why? It's because this post is titled "School Bucket List".

Okay, who the heck has a "School Bucket List". Me, apparently. I didn't want to do a bucket list, because I will have dumb ideas that are too dumb to share. Maybe I will share, once this blog is titled "My Amazing Life Being 15". But since I am starting middle school, I decided to do a School Bucket List. AKA- All my hopes and dreams for 6th grade. Let's being the nerdyness.

What an interesting edit.

1. Write for the front page of the school newspaper. I've always wanted to write for the school newspaper. It's like been a dream ever since 4th grade. My friend Shruti and I even got permission from our 5th grade teacher to write a class newspaper. (Which was pretty amazing if I do say so myself) So, naturally, I was blown away when I found out we can have a chance to write for the school paper in 6th grade. YES YES AND YESS!

2. Have an awesome teacher. Okay, I've already had awesome teachers, but let me remind myself that this is a 6TH GRADE Bucket List so let's not get crazy. I want to have that kind of teacher that lets us dance in class and drink and eat. You get what I mean. I don't want all strict teachers, everyone needs a fun teacher at school.

3. Have a Fab Locker. Already do! I made all of my locker decorations by myself (except for the rug). Soon, you guys will receive the locker fabness too, in a upcoming post!! This is your cue to get excited. 

4. Be That Kid. I want to be that kid who is super smart and everyone envies for having everything fabulized. Yeah, I may be evil. That's what happens when you watch too much Doctor Who. 

5. Make lots of friends. Have you ever heard the song "Make new friends, but keeeeep the ollllllllddddd" Yup, the one you learned in preschool. That will be my middle school motto. I want to make new friends and best friends but I should always remember to keep my old best friends too. I forgot that last year and now some of my great friends are just friends which is sad so keep that in mind folks. 

6. BE MYSELF. This is soooooo important to me! I want to always be myself and never forget that I am awesome the way I am. Never try to be someone you are not. Don't buy that really ugly shirt because everyone loves it because that popular girl is "rocking" it. (Yeah right.) BE YOURSELF, always! "Cuz, you're amazing... JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" (Props to anyone who knows this song!)

I left out "Be That Kid" because it was a bit weird.

I hope everyone liked this post! Tell me, what's your school bucket list?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. 1. Create my school yearbook.
    2. Write school newspaper (same)
    3. Do well in the 11+


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