Beauty: Not My Forte

Hello everyone! So, last night I got an email from one of you guys that said:

"I am going to middle school this year and I need some makeup tips for 6th grade. I couldn't find any good ones on the web." I was scared, because I don't know the first thing about makeup. I'm 10, I shouldn't be putting on any makeup. So, I called my cousin (8th grader) and she came over and helped me. NOTE: I am only doing this post for that one person who emailed me and if you are younger than 10, makeup is not for you. So, don't think you have to wear makeup.


I used It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product because that's what I use everyday when I brush my hair. I used a comb today so it would be easier to take pics of. I love It's a 10 so all tangled hair people should so buy this, because you will be blown away. (Notice any coincidences?)

Here I am spraying it into my hair. Make sure you wait 2-3 minutes before you comb after you spray because you have to let it work its magic.

Me combing through my hair! Yay done, perfect hair in an instant....


I normally use chapstick and bam done! But since this is a makeup tutorial I decided to go with regualar lip balm and then a Maybelline Baby Lips over it. Baby Lips isn't heavily colored like lipstick so it's good for kids. It doesn't show very much and my mom approves, which is saying a lot.

Here is this Hello Kitty (embarissing? I think NOT!) chapstick that I put on before Baby Lips. I don't know why I put it on. I just have this certain feeling that makes me grab it and... moving on.

These are the two shades I have. Although they may look light on paper, if you put 1 coat of pink on your lips, it looks clear with a hint of pink. The purple though, makes you look like you are freezing to death so that's a no no. 


I don't do eyeshadow, nopity nope nope NOPE! I don't think I should be wearing it but the reader requested eye shadow too so... why not. I asked my mom for the best kiddie eye-shadow she could give me and she gave me Lorac, all neutral colors. I chose the top right color because it was the color that best suited me. 

Here I am putting on this, powder. It looks like it shows but my cousin taught me to blend it in using your finger so that it doesn't show as much. One Tip From The Cuz- Don't put on any color that isn't neutral if you are in middle school or younger. It doesn't suit a young person like you. Go natural! (I hope you guys are okay with me showing half of my face.) 

THIS WAS WEIRRDDDDDDDD. D: I might go with this routine for middle school, minus the eyes of course. You don't have to put on makeup to be pretty. You are all pretty just the way you are and I know that. I just did this post because of you shining stars asked. BE YOURSELF!! 

If anyone else has any suggestions for me, email me at

Thanks for reading,
Noor (DIY'S coming soon)

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  1. i wore makeup freshman year. you dont need it, youre gorge


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