Summer Camp Crafts/30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone! I haven't blogged in like forever but today I am going to share some of these fun summer camp crafts that you do!


Friendship Bracelets-
Making friendship bracelets is the best camp activity. So much fun to make and so much fun to trade. 

Knotted Bracelet

God's Eye
Rock Painting


Day 23- If You Won The Lottery.....

If I won the lottery (which I am guessing would be about 5 million dollars) I would do a lot of things. First, I would split 2 million dollars for all of my friends. Second, I would spend the money enhancing my blog and my blogging space. I might also get some sewing things like a cool new machine. I would also get a cool computer and an awesome phone.

Of course, I would share with my family too. I would put 1 million dollars into savings and another part into college funds. I would absolutely donate to the poor. If I won the lottery, I would do a lot of great things with the money.

I hope you enjoyed the crafts! What would you do if you won the lottery? (2 points)

Thanks for reading,


  1. If I won the lottery I would buy a nice house and a horse, I would buy a housekeeper for my mum, a car for my dad - basically give my friends and family gifts. I give lots away to charity and like you Noor buy a phone and a computer!

  2. I didn't get the email. My family just got a new email adress and it is very confusing. It would be much easier if you just commented your reply. I did the fishtail and the knotted bracelet.


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