Review: "Bake You Happy" Nail Polish Set

Hello everyone! I've been such a bad, bad blogger lately. I am sick and had camp and all that crazy stuff. But today I have a nail polish set I want to review so lets get started!

I got this nail polish set in Florida and I am absolutely loving it! The colors are bright and spunky and the name is extremely clever: "Bake You Happy". 

(Excuse my horrible handwriting)

Now, I am going to list all of the colors and my opinions on them.

Fondant is basically a darker version of Mint. It's a pretty color but they should change it up, making it more different from Mint. 6/10 

Blueberry Scone
Blueberry Scone is very interesting. In the bottle it looks blueish-purple and when you put it on your nails it is very beautiful. 8/10

Peach Pie
Peach Pie is a bright color. It's really fun and I think it will be paired great with Strawberry Milk and Mint for nice summery nails. The only problem is, it looks a lot like Strawberry Milk when on your nails. 7/10

Mint is overall my favorite color. I love green and mint ice cream. It also works with every other color I have. 9/10

Ube is really cool. The name is cool (I don't even know what Ube is... 2 points to whoever can tell me) The color is also very pretty and summery! 8/10

Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk is your classic summer pink. It's cheerful and happy and makes you smile! It also works very well with the sun. 7/10


This set is very nice and summery! You should check it out! 

Look at other Cherimoya nail polish sets and tell me your favorite for 4 points! 
For 1 points, tell me your favorite color in this set.

Hope you all enjoyed this fun review!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Omg! R u sick?? Wat is it, a cold, fever,? Soz 2 hear that & 4 my Text Talk. And no ur not a bad blogger at all, in fact u r 1 of the best bloggers I no. Get well soon.

    Ur blogging frend, Lexie

  2. My favourites are fondant and strawberry milk. I like them equally

  3. Your hand writing isn't THAT bad. I've seen MUCH worse.


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