Wednesday Showcase

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in like forever and I'm super sorry. Today I am going to do Wednesday Showcase and share another journal entry. First, I am going to talk about camp!

Points Recap-
Cabin Fabulous- 48
Cabin Awesomeness- 11

I am changing up the prizes a little bit... 

The only places I will be giving gift cards are: Club Penguin, Target, Toys R Us, and anywhere with a code. You must have an email, or a blog with moderated comments in order to receive your prize.

Now for the Showcase.....

1. Scene It All

Toni is an 11 year old girl who reviews lots of movies on her blog Scene It All. Her latest review was for the Iron Giant. I love her reviews and all of the effort she puts into her blog is amazing. She is also writing her own movie called The Big 6 which I can't wait to hear about. 

2. A Boy and His Blog

Christopher is a boy who writes all about his life. He has three dogs and his own garden. He also shares a lot of fun recipes such as pizza and reindeer cookies. Yum! Check out his blog, A Boy and His Blog.

3. Dolls on Da Blog

Maddison and Kanani are two dolls who blog over at Dolls on Da Blog. They write about all of their adventures as dolls. They also post tutorials! I recently guest posted there! Doll lovers, be sure to check out Dolls on Da Blog.

Okay everyone, yesterday I got another journal entry so lets check that out!

"My thoughts on Fast Food are that it's nice to have once in a while. It's a treat so if you had it all the time it wouldn't be fun anymore and the taste wouldn't be a nice. I think having once every fortnight should be fine- it's unhealthy but unless you really eat it often its unlikely to do any harm. People who have it often are ruining their diet and the niceness of it." By: Lexie 

Thanks Lexie for that fabulous entry!

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