Back to School

Oh my gosh guys, I am such a bad blogger. I don't post regularly and I have been losing views! Where are you guys? I miss you! Anyways, I am going to post a back to school post today and hopefully I'll blog every day from now on.

I have some really fun crafts you can do for school:

1.Decorate them folders! So, if you have some felt and glue sticks, you can cut out little shapes and decorate your folders with them. I love cutting hearts and letters and just decorating my folder, outstanding my teachers! 

2. Creating your own pencil case is fun! If you know how to sew on a button, you can create a little case then add a button closure like this:

3. If you have Lego's that you never use, make them into supplies! Create little figures, hot glue magnets, BA BAM! You have magnets for your locker! You can also build pencil cup holders out of Legos and put them on your desk. There are so many things you can create with Legos. 

Tips For Starting School
Summer ending is a big occasion for everyone. It is hard for kids to change, so I am going to give some tips that I learned at my middle school orientation this morning! 

- Sleep early the night before school and set an alarm for the next morning. This will help you create a routine for the whole year.

- Have all of your stuff organized the night before each school day so you don't have to hurry it in the morning. 

- Keep a reminder in your head of what classes you have today. This helps make sure you don't spend 10 minutes figuring out where you have to go.

My School
If you guys don't like this "lifestyle" sort of thing, head to the end of this post. As you guys may know, I am starting middle school soon. I am super excited because my locker is decorated nicely and it looks cool (post on that soon) I have classes with a lot of my friends so that is really nice. Older kids, do you have any tips on starting middle school because even though I am excited, I am nervous too.

Today, I am ending CAS, because my school is starting soon and I just don't have the time so congrats to Cabin Fabulous, to winning! I'll email everyone telling them that they won! I'll post something relating to your blog soon and ask you about your prize so look for that email!

Hope you guys enjoy this post and congrats on starting school!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Noor, you are not a bad blogger. I am!

  2. Noor did you get the prize for CAK? Also I'm having a writing contest. I love to decorate my folders!


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