Fun Things To Do With Your Cousins/Siblings

Hello everyone! I am currently in California right now and hanging out with my cousins! Its actually been really hard to figure out what to do but we end up having a lot of fun. So today, my cousin is helping me to help you figure out what to do with your cousins or siblings! (Maybe even friends!)

1. Prank Someone
This is always fun, but only if you do a nice, funny prank. Examples of bad pranks are: messing with someone's toothpaste, hiding someone's stuff. One really fun prank is putting duct-tape on the light part of the computer mouse. When someone goes to use the computer, the mouse won't work!

2. Play Sports
Sometimes, I'll make up sport games with my cousin. One of our favorites is throwing the football on the wall and catching it as it bounces off the wall. Sometimes, I'll even commentate on the game like it's a real live game. This is really a lot of fun.

3. Play Some Board Games/Video Games
Playing video games is always fun! Being on a team or going against each other always brings a challenge for both you and your cousin. If you or your cousin doesn't have a video game console, you can always play a board game which is just as fun. Some fun board games include: Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, Jenga, Monopoly, and Guess Who. Some fun video games include: Pokemon, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Lego Games, and Fifa World Cup. 

4. Do Creative Activities
You can draw, paint, color and write. You and your cousin can combine your imaginations to create something amazing. Maybe you can enter your work in a contest! Another thing you can do is cook or bake which is a very fun activity! I love looking up recipes online and making them with my cousins. 

5. Create A Secret Hideout
Forts are like the best.thing.EVER! With a bunch of pillows and blankets and a guardian's permission (Guardian's permission is extremely important because without it you might get in trouble...) you can build an awesome fort. Decorate your fort with pillows, electronics and fun games. Maybe even a few balls to play catch. Forts are a great way to hang out with cousins all by yourselves without any little brothers/sisters/cousins bothering you all the time. (Trust me, I know the feeling.)

Shoutout to all of my favorite cousins, you know who you are!

I hope you and your cousins enjoyed this post and I'll see you tomorrow (hopefully..) Don't forget to enter the writing contest!

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  1. i have 4 sisters including myself. we are going to the beach with our cousins 3 girls & 1 boy and have no idea what fun activities to do. Any ideas???

  2. I am having a sleepover with my cousins I have no idea what we should do

  3. Thanks that was super helpful I had so much fun with my fave cousins but my little brother kept following us around any tips for keeping younger siblings happy without them bothering us?


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