DIY Mini Book

Hello everyone! Finally, I have a little (literally) DIY for you! It's a mini book that you can make out of things around your house :D Here goes:

You Will Need:


Step 1

First, cut out 2 small pieces of cardboard (mind were 1 inch x 1 1/4 inch) and 2 pieces of felt and paper the same size.

Step 2

Now glue the paper on one side of each of the cardboard pieces and the felt on the other side.

Step 3

Take a hot glue gun or some strong adhesive and glue the two pieces together like an open book. 

So take the right part of the book, put some hot glue on the left side (the side that shouldn't be covered with paper) of it and place it where the blue line is on the picture:

Step 4

Now, for the spine, get a thin piece of felt, paper, ribbon, etc and glue it on the part where the spine should be.

Step 5

There's still parts where there's brown from the cardboard. So in order to cover those, take some thin slips of felt or paper and cover those parts. 

Make sure you put the felt/paper in the spots where they make sense. I put paper strips on the top and bottom, that's what a normal book would feel like. And then I put felt on the sides, to make it like a book jacket.

Step 6

If you want to, you can write in it! I just wrote random things. Just letting you know, it's difficult to write in some parts so xD

Step 7

You're finished! You can make it a little charm, add it to a necklace, give it to your dolls, make a bunch and give them to your friends, or put them with your books!

The possibilities are endless. So have fun with your mini book :D You can also just bask in its adorableness :P

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, it was really fun to make and I think you guys will have fun making it too :) Customize them to your liking!

P.S - I finally got a tripod! It's really cool and works amazingly. *dances* My outfit posts should improve drastically xD

Thanks for reading,


  1. Awww, this is so cute! It would also be awesome to print out the covers/backs of books to make them look like some of your favorites. I might need to try that...

    1. That sounds really awesome. Why didn't I think of that? XD

    2. xD I partially got the idea from Cait @ Paper Fury since she makes all those bookish necklaces. I'm not sure HOW she actually makes them, but maybe she does it somehow with printing out the covers? *shrug*

  2. lol, I love to read, too! You should totally do more outfit posts, like how about you do 1 on Monday!?

    1. Yay reading! I have something planned for Monday but I might do one soon :)

    2. Lol, you totally should, the last one with the pink cardigan was awesome

    3. It's actually called a shawl :) But I'm glad you liked it!

  3. Awww, the mini book is so cute! And yay for getting the tripod, i really want (and need) one.

    1. Thanks Mia! It was kind of expensive though, so I would only invest in when you're serious about photography. I actually got it as a gift so XD

  4. The book IS cute! What did you write in yours? I'd love to know, unless it's something private.

    1. Thanks Elsa! Oh just random stuff, my OTPS, stuff about reading, etc :P

  5. Thanks Nabila, I'm so happy you like the DIY :D

  6. These are so cute, I would have to make a mini bookcase too!

    Meme x

  7. Aww! This is so fun and cute. And simple for those of us who aren't all that crafty (*cough* me). Thanks for sharing Noor c: lovely pictures too.

  8. This is really cute and I agree with MeMe Books- making a whole lot of these and a matching bookshelf to sit on your bookshelf (booksheption? bookshelfception??) would be a really nice decor idea!

  9. Did you draw on your hands??!! I do it to!! My Mom even does it on me!! XD

  10. These are so cute! This is such a great DIY ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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