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Hello everyone! Today, I have a wonderful guest post from Dani over at The Dani Jones Blog! Give it up for Dani everyone, she's a fabulous blogger with an amazing new blog :D Go check her out ;)

Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Author: J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter has no idea how famous he is. That's because he's being raised by his miserable aunt and uncle who are terrified Harry will learn that he's really a wizard, just as his parents were. But everything changes when Harry is summoned to attend an infamous school for wizards, and he begins to discover some clues about his illustrious birthright. From the surprising way he is greeted by a lovable giant, to the unique curriculum and colorful faculty at his unusual school, Harry finds himself drawn deep inside a mystical world he never knew existed and closer to his own noble destiny.

My Review:
Oh my gosh!!! This book is just so interesting and mystical! I would give my right hand to be in that world! (JK! But if I had magic wouldn't I be able to give myself a new one? Hmmm...)
Caution spoilers ahead!
Oh my gosh! When I started reading I thought for sure Snape's the bad guy, then when I got to the end I was all WHAT??!! I couldn't believe that p-p-poor st-st-st-stuttering Quirrel was the bad guy! (Get that book quote? No? Okay) Also the dark lord on the back of his head? Am I the only one who finds that creepy?
No more spoilers! You can read on!
I have the book at home and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

My Rating:
5 Stars

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Bye Sincerely Dani


Thank you so much Dani! Don't forget to check out her blog guys, it's great <3

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  1. Awesome guest post! The Harry Potter series is awesome!

    1. Thank you, and yes. Yes it is!

  2. My little brother is obsessed with reading all the harry potter books! Have you read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality? It's an amazing fanfiction about Harry Potter being a science genius who does everything of the seven books in his first year! Definitely worth reading :)

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