Signs You're A Hardcore Fan

Hello everyone! I think we're all fangirls (boys) here.. I mean you gotta be a fan of something. But there are few of us that are hardcore fangirls (boys). Not sure? Here are a few signs you are a hardcore fan.

1) You don't think about the boys/girls at school. It's all fictional characters for you.

Psh, who cares about those lameos? Draco Malfoy is where is at man. Fictional characters will always treat you better, I mean, they're 10x cooler. The only negative factor is that well, they're not real..

2) You know EVERYTHING.

What time was Dan Howell born? 3 AM, common knowledge. Gotta know it all, fangirlmon! Literally, someone can speed off any question about your fandom and you know it all. Sometimes, you start to scare your friends.

3. You ship everyone and everything.

From those two in math class, to the mailman and your hairdresser, you ship everyone. Everyone is in a relationship with everyone. It's just obvious they're in love right?

4. Your room is literally a shrine. 

Pictures, notes, posters, everything. Your room is dedicated to your fandoms. You might as well light a candle and chant quotes to your fandom gods.

5. You can get in an argument whenever a hater insults any aspect of your fandom.

Wanna insult my OTP, go ahead. You want to try saying a negative thing about my fandom, be my guest. Just remember, fandom never forgets :)

6. You get excited by any mention of their name/fandom.

"Hey Fall Out Boy is on the radio" HOLD UP DIDDLY DARN RIGHT THERE, DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING. *hardcore jams to the song*

Can you relate? Or just with anything really. 

7) You love your fandom, and even though you all are crazy and basically a cult, you're family.

Because fandom = family.

I hope you guys could relate to this. Let me know what fandoms you're in below. Chances are, we're in a fandom family together <3 We can all be crazy together xD

Thanks for reading,


  1. oh yes, i can totally relate to this.... :)

    my fandoms are: fall out boy, all time low, 5sos, and just about a bunch of bands.

    1. Oh my gosh, YES! My fav bands are 5sos, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, and all time low! Bands are so great, they may be taking over my life but that's okay, being in the fandoms are totally worth it!

  2. Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Percy Jackson Sires! And all but number 4 I do. Umm... Does that mean I'm a hardcore fangirl? I didn't even know I was a fangirl until earlier thus month so...

  3. Harry Potter is my fandom! Everything is true for me except 4 though.

  4. Sounds familiar... Oh yeah, this is me. I forgot for a second.

  5. This is hilarious! And kind of true...though in my case, it's not my room that's dedicated to my fandoms. It's Pinterest!

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  6. true. this. all the time.

    me. me. me. me. me. this is me. put in 7 things.

  7. Oh yeah. This is me alright.
    Thank you for totally putting my life into words.

  8. Haha too true!! XD


  9. Haha, these are so true. I'm not quite a hardcore fan, but I experience most of these when people talk about things like Percy Jackson, Dr Who, or the Marvel movies. I get way, way too invested in these things sometimes, I swear. But it is a good place to be.


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